A New Chapter

A New Chapter

End of Teacher Training

Sunday was my final day of practical Teacher Training and, despite having a workshop booked in two weeks time and the offer of a ‘refresher’ module in the future should I need it; this definitely feels like the end of a chapter and the start of something new. september-teacher-training-blog

I lead the Ashtanga Opening Chant and taught Surya Namaskara A & B (Sun Salutations) at the beginning of our morning class on Saturday, which included paying members of the public as well as Teacher Training students. On Sunday, I taught a Vinyasa Krama for Trikonasana pose, which means teaching a sequence of postures leading up to a ‘Peak Pose’ or goal.

Vinyasa Krama means a step by step progression into something, or to a certain goal. A goal in this case being a complex or advanced asana (posture).

To give a little more explanation of the words we have:
Vinyasa – which is the principle of synchronizing movement with the breath and
Krama – which literally means steps or stages

You can also say that with Vinyasa Krama you build onto something, or grow into something. So what I do when I apply Vinyasa Krama in my sequences, is work my way from simple to more complex poses. I prepare the body within certain poses to move into the more advanced or complex “peak pose”.


I’m getting more used to teaching now and try and incorporate a mixture of teaching techniques that I’ve learned throughout the course. The recurring note I am given for improvement however, is just to slow things down a bit. I still get quite nervous when teaching a class (even actors get nervous!) and just need to remember to breathe deeply and take my time. I guess all this comes with practice; its about trusting my own capabilities as a teacher.

We are always learning and improving and the next few months (and years) of teaching yoga will show me a lot about myself as well as my teaching. I’m sure there are things that won’t go to plan and I’m almost certain to make a few mistakes along the way – but that’s life isn’t it? We learn and we grow that way. I can’t wait!

Yoga Dharma 

The experience of Teacher Training at Yoga Dharma has been wonderful and I’d highly recommend their 200hr Teacher Training program as a supportive, challenging and well-rounded course. The course is extremely flexible, which enables students to fit training around their other commitments. Adding the intensive week in Bulgaria not only gave me the wonderful opportunity of training abroad, but also allowed me to fast-track the course, without feeling rushed or missing any modules.

efe6a2b230cc876581be459b2be5a3f6Yoga Dharma’s holistic approach to yoga has given me a new perspective on my yoga practice and has introduced me to areas of yoga philosophy which both challenge and excite me. I hope to continue on this path and take my yoga practice further, both physically and mentally. I have grown in confidence throughout the course and am now ready to establish my own classes, to share my knowledge in an engaging and accessible way.



Resolutions & Intentions  {Sankalpa}

Sankalpa (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means conception or idea or notion formed in the heart or mind, solemn vow or determination to perform, desire, definite intention, volition or will…

  • Regular Personal Practice ~ Due to my crazy schedule this summer and focusing more on teaching; my personal practice has taken a dip. I’m keen to get back to regular practice myself before organising a public class to teach. It’s so important to find time for your own practice, as it will remind you why you’re teaching in the first place and allow you to reconnect with your mind and body. I also think when it comes to being a teacher, you have to practice what you preach – a student will not want to come to my class if I can’t get into a single pose myself and clearly don’t practice yoga in my own time.
  • Remain Grounded & Present ~ I am about to embark on a big new adventure (at the time of writing this I have just registered as a Masters student at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama) and a lot is changing around me. I hope to begin this new chapter with a sense of grounded self-assuredness that I didn’t have when studying for my undergraduate degree. I intend to use my practice of yoga to manage the ups and downs of this new adventure and keep my focus in the present moment; this incredibly exciting opportunity I’ve been given.
  • Teach a Student Yoga Class ~ My first intention as a newly qualified Yoga Teacher is to establish a class for fellow students at my drama school. I hope to teach a couple of times per week and offer student discounts & Pay What You Can classes. This will give me some much-needed teaching experience and allow me to adapt my classes to the abilities and interests of drama students. I intend to set up a Yoga for Actors workshop in the future, so this will help me gain experience for that.




It’s hard to believe that when this year began I was feeling so lost, lacking direction and afraid of what might be ahead of me. Six months ago I began this incredible journey of training to become a yoga teacher and now that training has finished. There’s a lot to learn still but I’m so proud that I’ll be ending 2016 as a qualified yoga teacher and masters student at my dream school.

Here’s to the next chapter then, and to looking at the blank pages ahead of us with courage!


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