Making Space & Time for Yoga at Home

Making Space & Time for Yoga at Home


So you’re busy and want to practice but can’t always make it to the gym or yoga studio? No problem – you can do yoga anywhere! But the difficulty is having enough self-motivation to practice without the commitment of a class to spur you on.

“Oh, but bed is so comfy! I’ll practice tomorrow”

… Sound familiar? This happens to everyone at some point. There are so many occasions when I’ve gone to sleep with the intention of a morning yoga session at home – then morning rolls around to find me inseparable from my duvet!

For me, the key to finding time for home yoga practice is in creating good habits. As soon as something becomes a habit – part of your routine – it no longer seems a chore. You can also start small and then build up the time commitment, so it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken up the whole day.

Here are some examples: –

Morning – 20 min wake-and-shake before breakfast (begin with simple morning stretches and build to sun salutations). Reward yourself afterwards with a wholesome breakfast and you’ll be in a good mood to start your day! * Soon 20 min can be extended to 30 or 40 and include more advanced asanas.

Evening – 5 min bedtime meditation (guaranteed to help clear your mind for a restful sleep). Meditation takes practice but you’ll soon find you’re able to extend 5 min to 10 or 15. You can also try guided meditation if you need some extra encouragement.



I read a great article recently by Angela Franklin at Yoga Travel Jobs called Creating a Home Yoga Space that Invokes Your Senses. It got me thinking about how to make the space for my home practice more inviting.

Get Outdoors

Focusing on the senses as Angela does in her article is a great way to create an inviting home yoga space, but personally (especially in the summer months) I love taking my practice outside. Nothing beats feeling a breeze on my skin and the sun warming my back during yoga practice.

Even though I live in London and have the tiniest garden, standing barefoot on the earth for pranayama or saluting the sun directly under her rays is worth getting out of bed for.

Dedicated Space

On rainy days when its not an option to practice outside, it’s often even harder to motivate yourself. I find it useful to have a dedicated yoga space to practice in – somewhere I can keep my mat, meditation cushion and favourite yoga books, free from other clutter and distractions. If you have a larger home, this dedicated space might be a whole room, but just a corner is enough as long as it’s yours and feels welcoming.

Top Tip: I tend to leave my mat unrolled and ready in the corner of my room, so there’s no excuses to jump on it when I get up – it also doubles as a comfy daybed for when I want to indulge in some yogic philosophy or other related reading.

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