About Sunflower Yoga


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”

Hi, my name’s Clare. I’m a twenty-something actress and yoga enthusiast, living in London, UK. I’m trying my best to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle and have completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course with Yoga Dharma, Southend.

I began Sunflower Yoga to help document my learning process and it started as an online diary about my observations from the world of yoga. The blog aims to be as honest and easy-to-read as possible and I hope to encourage others to ‘Stretch Tall & Stand Strong’ with me.

I’ll be sharing my experiences as a new yoga teacher (including my mistakes and mishaps), as well as lifestyle articles and class information.

This blog will primarily follow my yoga journey, but for more information on my creative endeavours; follow my Twitter or personal Instagram account.

(Photos by Arrow Photography London, Music by Will McNicol & Logo Design by Habiba Nabisubi)

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